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""The ESC-Region 19 Head Start IntelliZeum, a one-of-a-kind interactive learning environment, celebrates 10 years of providing enriching experiences for area Head Start children.

The IntelliZeum is the first interactive learning environment for Head Start children in the nation.  Since its opening in 2003, thousands of children have explored the hands-on, multi-sensory environments within the IntelliZeum.

The IntelliZeum learning environments include a Space Center where children can travel to the moon and planets, environments for the study of electricity and water, Airventure where children can take a trip to the bottom of the ocean, the Arctic, and a Rainforest.  It’s also home to the IntelliZeum Medical Institute where children become doctors, the Architects and Engineers Incorporated where children become architects and engineers and the Dinosaur Time Zone where children become paleontologists.  Also part of the IntelliZeum is an Amphitheatre, Magic Eye Theater, Literacy Center and Technology Lab.

This innovative creation of Executive Director Dr. Blanca Enriquez is designed to advance learning in the areas of reading, math and engineering, science, technology, social studies and fine arts. The IntelliZeum experience is further enhanced in the classroom by incorporating the concepts and rich oral language learned at the IntelliZeum.




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